WBYJBookCoverHave you ever noticed how people’s faces light up and they become more animated when they talk about things they’re really enthusiastic about?

This new book is a collection of over 350 responses to the simple question “What brings you joy?” which Carol Miller Fradkin posed to people ages 6-97, with a wide variety of backgrounds, occupations, and challenges, who live in more than 30 U.S. states and five other countries.

Their joys are fascinating and sure to remind you and your loved ones of joyful times in your own lives, and you’ll be surprised at how just recalling those experiences will lift your spirits and inspire you to experience more joy in your own life and even to bring pleasure into the lives of others.

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book_cover_for_kindle (1)Moving Gracefully: A Guide to Relocating Yourself and Your Family is an easy-to-read, comprehensive guide which walks the reader through the entire moving process, from making the decision to move, through getting adjusted to new surroundings. It addresses local and distant moves, moving with children, moving with pets, and includes many helpful websites. The personal recollections and tips are insightful, engaging and well written; and the coverage of the topics are well-researched and follow a logical process. Even those who are experienced at relocating will learn something from this practical book, which was written after 11 interstate and 5 local moves, plus assisting others with their relocations.

How can you make your home look its best so it sells quickly? How do you select a great real estate salesperson and a reputable moving company? What things should you consider when looking for a new home? How much should you spend on the new house, and how do you determine what area to look in? How can you make the process easiest on your children? What do you need to do prior to the move? What should never go on the moving van? How can you best adjust yourself and your family and pets to your new surroundings? All these questions and more are answered in Moving Gracefully. It will become your bible for moving.

Also available through bookstores.