About Carol

Carol Miller Fradkin grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, and earned her BS at the University of Maryland. She’s held a variety of positions, including multiple volunteer leadership roles in non-profit organizations, but her longest career positions were as a flight attendant and the administrator of the non-profit BMT InfoNet (Blood & Marrow Transplant Information Network). She previously published Moving Gracefully: A Guide to Relocating Yourself & Your Family.

One of her current volunteer positions involves visiting hospital patients (many with life-threatening illnesses), and in making conversation with them she discovered the dramatic changes to their spirit and even their posture when they answered the question “What brings you joy?” They forgot the physical and emotional pain they were dealing with and transformed in front of her. However, it was the patients who said they could no longer remember what brings them joy who inspired the book What Brings You JOY? Reading what brings other people joy will remind you and yours of some good times in your past, and will help you to experience joy more often.


Carol Fradkin is available to meet with groups to discuss various aspects of relocation, in order to help them make smart decisions as they move through the process and encourage them to experience the move as an adventure. You’ll find her enthusiasm for moving is contagious! Please contact us if you are interested in this service.